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Wow, look! I didn't wait a year this time! :) was only four months! :)

My main purpose in writing today is for ideas, or suggestions or whatever. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm doing the chainmaille jewelry, and I'm about ready now to put up my own website and start selling online (I've been selling in person at work and among friends and aquaintances for a while now), but before I can put up the website and make up business cards and etc, I need to settle on a good name. I asked a few people in the past, and the best we could come up with is "Mur's Maille", which is ok, and I've been using that on the two or three print catalogs Ray made up for me, but I always found it kind of lame compared to other names I've seen out there. Granted it's more descriptive and catchy than a lot of *others* I've seen, (things like "J&M Jewelry" or something totally un-descriptive like that - I totally made that one up, by the way, so if it exists I didn't slam their name on purpose) but I'm looking for something cooler and catchier, more of a play on words or a phrase, along the lines of these cool (to me) ones that already exist out there:

The Ring Lord
Chained Beauty
Rapt in Maille
Slightly Wired
The Chained
Tangled Metal
Got Maille

Any suggestions would be appreciated, as well as any comments on my two existing name candidates:

Mur's Maille
Insane Chain (or Insane Chains)

I'm looking for something catchy but not too hokey or predictable...ya know? :)

Ray's mom had a jewelry party for me at the end of January (think tupperware party, but for my jewelry instead) and I sold a LOT more than I anticipated there, which made me very happy. :) I've almost finished with the orders that came from that party now, only two bracelets and two necklaces to go, one of which required that I start making my own rings, because after much hunting I had to conclude that NOBODY was selling the rings I needed in the size or color I needed them for this particular necklace! So I have a set of 83 mandrels and a jeweler's saw and some spools of wire, (mostly courtesy of birthday pressies from my dragon), which will allow me to branch out even more! Yay! :) I'm trying to get those finished as well as the two orders from girls at work, so I can go back to working on increasing my existing stock with an eye toward doing a pagan festival or two when it gets closer to Samhain or Christmas, as well as trying out some new designs for slave bracelets and more exotic pieces. That and I'm dying to make a dragon or two! :) Not that I can really complain, the only reason I DON'T have more stock is that while I've been trying to increase my stock since the last time I posted, I keep selling too much to build up any! :)

Other than that it's been business as usual... working, sleeping, making jewelry. :) I did get my internet in the house finally, back in December, and I totally got busy with too many things and knew I was only going to be laid off for a month, (we went back on December 2nd) so I didn't even START NaNoWriMo in November, much less successfully finish Work is still going well, strawberry season is about to officially start (we've done about a week's worth here and there so far, early orders, but that's it.) That's about all there is to mention, I think, other than the Arlo Guthrie concert back on the first of this month that was beyond cool, but I'll post about that separately. :)
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Random updating...

So I just happened to be hanging out at Starbucks for some quality internet time and realized I haven't actually updated my LJ in a year. Literally. :P

So let's see, what to say. It's been a hell of a year, the most significant event of which happened back in May and I don't really want to write about it because it's something I try to think about as little as possible. It's too depressing, so I'll just mention it VERY briefly and move on.

I was at work one day, working alone in the back with Juliana when my phone rang. Since I was there with just her, I could answer, and I did. Turned out to be Mudge telling me my mother died unexpectedly. I could barely even say anything, I was too shocked. I just sat down on the belt we use to date ThinkFruit bags and stammered.

Anyway, so I went up to Virginia for everything, and while the reason for the visit royally sucked, it really was good to see everyone again, especially Mudge's sister, Kim. Always one of my very best friends growing up, we stopped hanging out during high school and haven't spoken since then, which has been like... let me think... more than 25 years now. It was so awesome seeing and talking to her again. I got her email address too, so I can write and catch up, but haven't managed to write I plan to do so very soon, if not today. I haven't had internet at the house for a while, so I tend to put off a lot of online things that I know I'll want to respond to, because I get online so irregularly nowadays. I am going to be remedying that situation, probably within the next month, and can go back to my regular online presence, which will make me MUCH happier.

...and I wish this dude would stop LOOKING at me! I'm at Starbucks, like I mentioned, and I'm sitting at the table in the corner with windows beside and behind me, and there's a table right on the other side of the window beside me and this dude (who hasn't gotten anything here, no coffee, no munchies, nothing, he's just hanging out on the patio) keeps freaking staring at me and he's giving me the heebie geebies. Ahem. Ok, I'm done with that outburst

So work has been awesome. Granted, it's still a relatively lame seasonal job at a completely un-air conditioned fruit plant, but for some inexplicable reason, I like it. I've been pretty much adopted by the boss as her unofficial assistant, to the point where other people have started asking me what's going on and what we're all going to be working on next and stuff like I should know! lol! The good thing is that usually I *do* know. :) She also told the plant manager that she would trust me to do orders right before she'd trust Hilda to, and Hilda has been there for nearly 30 years and is a line leader. Juliana also has put me in charge of small groups when the two "official" line leaders were running their lines and had me stand in for Yvette (the other "official" line leader)as line leader one day during Strawberries when she called in sick. I was extremely surprised! lol! Since I DO like the job, my goal is to be made permanent instead of seasonal, because while they are stingy with raises, once you're permanent, you do get benefits like paid vacation and sick leave and insurance, and retirement, etc. It helps that I have Mutti's car now, because Juliana was bugging me last year to hurry up and get a car because she wanted me to do a different and better job during strawberries, but it was holding her back because I had to work the same shift as my neighbor, whom I rode with, and she needed me on night shift.

While again, the reason sucks, having a car has made a HUGE improvement in everything. I can get to work when I need to be there without having to deal with Chuck, who is a MAJOR pain in the butt and who kept threatening to stop driving me and just leave me stranded and who charged me fifty dollars a week to drive me from his own front door to the same place he works anyway. I can get to the store when I need to, I can come out to get online when I need to, I can get to the laundromat, etc, etc. It is SO frustrating not to be able to do the simplest things without it being a major ordeal or expense. I also get to see my boyfriend when I want to, which is nice. (He has no car either and Chuck didn't want him to ride home with us or to work with us, even with him paying extra money for the ride.)

Of course Jose is frustrating in his own but guys always are, and most of the time he's a sweetie. We've been together a year and four months now and things are still going well. His birthday is coming up too, October 30th. I'm going to get him an MP3 player. He mentioned back in the summer, like April or June that he was thinking of getting one, so we surfed around online and checked some out, so I know what he likes now. :)

I'm getting pretty good at spanish these days. Of course working with 80% spanish people helps that a lot, as well as having a spanish boyfriend that isn't particularly good with english. Though his has improved considerably since we've been together too.

Hmmm... what else is going on... oh, I started making chainmaille jewelry, and I LOVE it! I have this pattern for a dragon you can wear on your shoulder and I can't wait to try that one out. It'll be the biggest project I've done to date. I've sold quite a bit of it at work so far, which is awesome. I'm wanting to get some stock made up by this time next year and have a booth at some pagan festivals selling it. I think it'll be different from anything there, because while I've seen it for sale at renn fests (of course), I've never seen anyone selling at pagan festivals. Especially the dragons, I think people at pagan fests will LOVE the know I do!!

What else... Oh, NaNoWriMo is coming up! I'm totally doing it this year. We'll all be laid off by then, most likely, so I'll have time, and this year I won't have to worry about money during layoffs, so I can relax and concentrate on my writing! This is especially good because I really want to write the sequel to The Arcane. I'm planning to do that for NaNo this year, unless the Gargoyle story turns out to be the one that pops continually into my head in November. I think I planned to work on one of those during last year's NaNo, but while I wrote a lot of stuff, none of it actually turned out to be useful for either I was very unfocused and stressing a LOT last year, though. I'm looking forward to some quality stress-free, focused writing time this year.

Oh, and I spent what feels like the whole year editing my friend, Joe's, book, which came out about a month ago. "Dogs Running A Hill" by Joe Abruzzo. You can find it on, among other places. Not my kind of story, but he was in dire need of editing, and is a friend, so I did it. :) I'm in the acknowledgements and have hardback and paperback copies on my shelf now, which is cool. :)

Ok, I think I've hit the high spots in my updating, so I'm going to hush for now, finally. I will try not to go a year before the next update this time!
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Insane Kitty!

Happy Birthdays...

Happy Birthdays to both my mother tokmutti, whom I don't think reads LJ and so won't even see this, but I'm putting it here

and to the keeper of the absolute cutest pom ever judiang

I hope you both have great birthdays!! *smuggles Lanceylance a steak* >:)
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(no subject)

Thanks much for the congrats from everyone! :)

Now I get to go back to the story that was being a pain before I started NaNo... I've discovered I have trouble with the bad guys in all of my stories... must work on that...
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I did it I did it I did it!!! :) I am an official NaNoWriMo winner! :)

First time ever!! I'm positively boingy! :) I can actually go back to reading my egroups and things again... I'm way behind on all but about two of them, I refused to let myself read them or I'd never have gotten done! I'm going to go drink my stashed mint mocha frappuccino now to celebrate! Of course I'm dreading the revision process... this story needs some serious
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Book Meme!

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
5. Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

Ok, I have two books the same distance from me, side by side, so I'm posting from each. First:

"Wrath couldn't drive because of his blindness, no one had seen Tohrment for months, that left...Zsadist."

From "Lover Revealed", by J.R. Ward (just finished this one this morning for the second time, fourth in a FABULOUS series!)


"Unless we are discussing pure documentaries (and even some of those are "sweetened"), moviemakers must take some artistic liscence to make their work more palatable to the audience." 22's fifth sentence is much better... "Voodoo Zombies can be controlled." lol

From "The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From The Living Dead" by Max Brooks
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Guardian Flutter

Hey! Look what I found!

Wow, I like, opened my mailbox on Friday and, like, found this package inside with a big hoverbug on it, and inside was SILVER SHIPS ON CD!!!! WOOHOO!!! I promptly put it in the CD player and played it for the entire rest of the day! :)

Thanks to hantamouse for the Patrick's! Yeah, Easter present! :)

The really funny thing was that the second I saw the title, the first song instantly started playing in my head, even though I haven't actually heard the music in a very long time!
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